The JSU Welfare Services to all its Non-domiciled Special Members

As the All Japan Seamen’s Union earned a solid reputation for its long-standing dedication to safeguarding seafarers’ welfare , The JSU has been constantly convincing The International Mariners Management Association of Japan (IMMAJ), to accede The ITF acceptable agreements in favor for the JSU non-domicile special union members.

When you are serving on board a ship covered by an IBFJSU/AMOSUP-IMMAJ Collective Bargaining Agreement, IBFJSU/PSU-IMMAJ Collective Agreement, IBFJSU-IMMAJ Collective Agreement, JSU/AMOSUP CBA for Japanese Flag, JSU/AMOSUP Advanced CBA for Japanese Flag, JSU/PSU CA for Japanese Flag, JSU/PSU Advanced CA for Japanese Flag, JSU CA for Japanese Flag and JSU Advanced CA for Japanese Flag, you are precisely a JSU non-domicile special member. In connection to those types of agreements, you can gain various welfare services offered by JSU other than those stipulated in each type of agreement.

(1) Provide monetary assistance for its members

JSU provide financial assistance to all non-domiciled special union members (on board world-wide ocean going vessels) who died due to accident or natural calamities. An amount of 350,000. Yen from the JSU welfare fund and 50,000. Yen from the JSU mutual fund will be provided by the union to the legal family that he is supporting. However, in case the JSU member vessel sink due to natural or man made disaster, but the seafarer survives, an amount of 30,000. Yen will be provided to him as financial assistance by the union.

*Note: that the application period will expire after two years from death.

(2) Provide technical training

Recognizing the seriousness of all maritime casualties, the union (JSU) has played instrumental role in developing and applying the highest standards of competency to its new non-domicile special union member future seafarers. A “Training Program” has been conceptualized last February 4,1992 to constitute a comprehensive, intensive and more practical rather than theoretical approach training. However, aside to its ideal position in preserving the ocean from pollution and to handle a safe and efficient operation of the ships in order to increase safety of life at sea, JSU also believed that it answers the global needs of the maritime industry and related organizations in meeting the dynamic challenges of the 21st century.

(3) Hotel Mariners’ Court in Tokyo- Special discount accommodation rate

If they plan to stay overnight in the hotel, the union will provide a special discount from its regular accommodation rate. All they need to do is to show your valid membership card in the reception counter.

Other Services

  1. Subsidizing half of the expenses for the OJT educational videos on vocational health and safety.
  2. Providing free of charge of recreational videos.
  3. Issuing English union newspapers and monthly JSU news bulletin.
  4. Publication of books such as “Useful medicinal knowledge and Introduction to Japanese food on board,” (to be delivered to all vessels covered by the JSU agreement free of charge).

Filipinos JSU staff and International Service Staff (ISS)

The JSU employs three Filipinos as JSU staff and four Filipinos as JSU International Service Staff. Two staff are assigned in the JSU head office and one in Kanto Regional Branch. two in Kanto Regional Branch, two in Kansai Regional branch and one in Kyushu Regional branch.

The main task of the ISS is to provide useful information to all JSU, non-domicile special members by using fax-news or magazines. They also conduct a regular visitation to all JSU member vessels call the ports of Japan to handle grievances and to take special members’ opinions and demand.


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    C. Mambalo


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