Introduction of Inspectors

ITF Inspectorate

Today, half the world's shipping tonnage is registered in countries other than the real countries of ownership. By "flagging out" ship, owners manage to avoid national taxes and regulations designated to ensure safety. They also steer clear of trade unions. This is the Flag of Convenience (FOC) system in brief.

The ITF has opposed the system of Flags of Convenience (FOCs) for over 50 years by carrying out campaign against FOC ships.
The ITF's most powerful tool against FOCs is the ITF Inspectorate System. There are over 130 Inspectors at various ports in approximately 50 countries to eliminate or at least to secure international standards on board such FOC ships.

ITF Inspectorate in Japan

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) appointed from the JSU regular employees one ITF coordinator and two ITF inspectors to play an important role in the implementation of the ITF FOC/POC Campaign against flags of convenience as directed by the All Japan Seamen's Union (JSU).

The following areas of responsibility fall within the role of an ITF Coordinator:

  1. Supervision/management of /assisting/supporting Inspectors;
  2. Liaison between national unions and Inspectors;
  3. Communication between national unions/Inspectors;
  4. Lobbying on FOC/POC Campaign related matters;
  5. Proving link between ITF Secretariat and national unions, and;
  6. Promoting the FOC/POC Campaign in all arenas;

The inspectors main functions is to:

  1. carry out inspections of ships to ensure that living and working conditions on board meet at least international standards;
  2. check that any existing ITF approved agreement on an FOC ship is being complied with by the ship-owners;
  3. negotiate the signature of ITF acceptable agreements with the owner of any FOC ship with or without the use of industrial action;
  4. co-ordinate local industrial action where necessary in close liaison with the ITF and the unions concerned;
  5. handle claims on behalf of seafarers and to liaise with local lawyers and the ITF on approved claims;
  6. give practical advice and assistance to seafarers employed on FOC vessels and, in consultation with the unions concerned, to seafarers employed on national flag vessels;
  7. seek and secure maximum local and national publicity about FOCs generally, about problems experienced with individual vessels, and about the ITF FOC/POC Campaign;


Fusao Ohori (ITF Coordinator)
Tokyo All Japan Seamen's Union
15-26, Roppongi, 7-chome Minato-ku
Tokyo 106-0032
Tel:+81 3 5410 8320
Fax:+81 3 5410 8336
Mobile:+81 90 6949 5469

All Japan Seamen's Union (KAIIN) 15-26 Roppongi, 7-chome
Tokyo 106-0032
Tel:+81 3 5410 8330
Fax:+81 3 5410 8336

Shigeru Fujiki (ITF Inspector)
National Council of Dockworkers'
Unions of Japan (ZENKOKU-KOWAN)
Nikkofuku-Kaikan 10-2
Kamata-5, Ohta-ku
Tokyo 144-0052
Tel:+81 50 1291 7326
Fax:+81 3 3733 2627
Mobile: +81 90 9826 9411